Spectre Vex


Artist: Illum Sphere

Title: Spectre Vex

Format: 2x12” / Digital

Release: 19.04.14

Following the release of his debut album ‘Ghosts Of Then And Now’ in February 2014, Illum Sphere steps back into the limelight with ‘Spectre Vex’ - a powerful 8-track mini-album that features exclusive new material from the Hoya:Hoya co-founder alongside remixes from fellow electronic outsiders Legowelt (L.I.E.S.), Lone (R&S), Charles Manier /JTC (aka Dabrye) and not forgetting the incontrovertible UK legend Zed Bias.

The justly hyped Legowelt and R&S’s golden boy (and Hoya resident) Lone both deliver exemplary ‘Embryonic’ reworks - the former paying homage to techno’s analogue heritage, effortlessly balancing pounding 4x4 kicks with scattered snares and trademark melodic warmth; and the latter framing another signature hi-tech jazz workout with pretty rising arpeggios and a rolling breakbeat backbone. Nodding back to his debut LP, Illum Sphere reworks ‘Love Theme From Foreverness’, featuring the vocals of Shadowbox, giving it a distinctly analogue 80s rub; and also contributes a brand new track - ‘Spectre Vex’ - that boasts cascading synth motifs, founded on chugging drums. The second 12” heralds ‘Sleeprunner’ reworks by Zed Bias (outright don and guardian of the UK’s rich bass music heritage) and Illum Sphere himself; and the package is completed by not one, but two, reinterpretations by Ann Arbor’s foremost electronic abstractionist - the multi-monikered Tadd Mullinix aka Dabrye aka JTC aka Charles Manier. Twisting ‘The Road’ in new directions, both versions are, naturally, subtly sublime and rooted in acid explorations: the JTC remix laying Shadowbox’s rich vocals on a bumpy acid techno cut whilst Charles Manier works choppier acid electro-robotic angles.

The exclusive limited edition 2 x 180g 12” vinyl format will be released on Record Store Day on 19th April 2014, packaged in a matte black flute-cardboard carton envelope featuring 4 print inserts by photographer Silvia Grav.






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