Moonlight Kiss/Hindsight remixes

Release date: February 24 2014

Number one in a series of three remix featuring tracks from the Trus’me album ‘Treat Me Right’. First in line are Skudge & Marcelus who ply their trade in suitably classic style.

In inimitable style Skudge mould ‘Moonlight Kiss’ into a deep analogue roller. They maintain the chopped vocal hook & the dreamlike feel of the original but drive the tempo with crackling snares & thunderous kicks.

Marcelus brings the pain to ‘Hindsight’ stripping the piece right back to the bare essentials. His rework fizzes & pops itself into the darkness whilst the bass & keys ride out a mesmeric & hypnotic groove.

A fine introduction to this series that will also see Truss, Truncate, Luke Hess, Alan Fitzpatrick & Roman Flugel at the controls.






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