Nasty Habits / Hidden Turn - Prototyped (Hidden Turn Remix) / This One

After seeing Grandmaster flash on a news report on TV at the age of 11 in 1980, coventry born Doc Scott knew what he wanted to do. Having a love affair with music for as long as he could remember, seeing someone controlling music, urban music, live, was fascinating to Scott. A year later aged 12, Scott bought his first record (Street sounds electro 2) and saw the sci fi classic Bladerunner. His life was changed forever and set him off on a path into 80’s hip hop, electro and film soundtracks. Aged 14 he had his first pair of turntables and started banging out mixtapes for his friends at school. Mash up electro/hip hop/ mixes to breakdance to, earning him the nickname ‘the doctor’ which has stuck to this day.







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