Release date: November 25 2013

Following up their sophomore LP Tracer from August 2012, Teengirl Fantasy will release a new EP in November. The EP, titled Nun, does not feature any vocalists or samples as some of their past works have. Consisting of four tracks, Nun showcases their ability to mix different genres while staying true to their original free-form sound. “Eric” touches on genres such as drum’n’bass, jungle, and footwork, while title track “Nun” is a sprawling, yet percussion heavy club journey, building in verve throughout. “Platinum” simulates a soaring feeling with airy synths that are offset by sparse hard-edged percussion. The EP closes with “Nun Beat,” a variation of “Nun” played at a different tempo to create a screwed R&B beat. Overall, Nun is reminiscent of Teengirl Fantasy’s earlier works while stepping into new territory and giving insight into where their sound is heading for their next full-length.


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