Release date: January 28 2014

Boards, the newest addition to Soul People Music is a space where forward thinking music is encouraged. Curated by Fred himself the sub label already has a couple impressive releases under its belt. These releases are reflections of Fred’s ideals prior to becoming a globe trotting selector of some of the finest underground dance music around. In his own words Fred says

“In the early days it was difficult to afford more than one or two records. I would buy compilations because the value was greater and I was exposed to artist that I might not have known about otherwise .When I think of compilations I think of mix the vibe, soul of science, trust the dj and of course dj kicks. I learned a great deal from these series over the years and developed my own ideas based on what I love to hear thus Selected was born.”

Keeping with the aesthetic of SPM yet different from Earth Tones, Fred’s yearly compilation series, “Selected” focuses purely on the vibration and mood of who’s compiling that given project. Fred P naturally takes us on a journey with deep spacey and etheric grooves. From the opening of DeepJust AQuaBeaT Interpretation to the murky dense and electrifying moodiness of Ryo Murakami’s Midnight Sun evokes a state of mind for otherworldliness. Yet the journey continues with Lapien’s floor pleaser My Obsession and closes with a track from one of Fred’s side projects sound destinations.

It’s a reshaped dub of a jazz tune entitled N.Y. Based on a video of Fred riding in a cab coming home after a long tour. This tune is surely a high point with depth and feeling completing what is a amazing maiden voyage into new levels of deepness as only captain P can deliver. True to his sound and vision, be it his personal productions, reshapes, collaborative projects, video works and dj sets world wide, Fred present “Selected” with the same mantra;

Peace, love and sound…


Fred P (Black Jazz Consortium/Anomaly)




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