SMD - Welcome To Sideways

This new compilation of tracks frees the duo from that particular circumscribed setup. Welcome To Sideways represents the fruit of several months work at the beginning of 2016, after an extended break, for both James and Jas, from touring and producing together. James had been working back-to-back on production for a variety of other bands, and Jas had moved out of London to spend months converting a barn into a brand new recording studio replete with much of the gear from SMD’s famed Space Cave studio. When the two of them finally got back in the studio, they were unsure exactly what would result, but both wanted a return to making music for clubs, for them to play out – much like the first Delicacies compilation back in 2011. After working on nearly 20 tracks, they tested them out on the road, and released six tracks as singles during 2016, finally selecting the nine tracks that make up this release from both the singles and additional unreleased material, to form a cohesive set of music.



Simian Mobile Disco




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