Blondes – Swisher

Release date: August 5, 2013 (UK) / August 6, 2013 (US / World)

Swisher is a bold expansion of Blondes’ recorded repertoire and evolution of their sound for intense club atmospheres. A meticulous production with a distinct percussive focus, Blondes second album exhibits the duo’s infatuation with the dark side of techno and immersive sound environments.

Blondes thus far have made bodily dance music that treads ecstatic heights.

Blondes’ were last heard demonstrating this transcendent practice - one favoring analog serenity to digital flare - on the duo’s 2012 self-titled debut album. Tracks were titled with conceptual dualisms, released on opposing 12” sides prior to album compilation and gleaned house and techno rudiments with spiritually escapist split ends.

Around the release of Blondes, Sam Haar and Zach Steinman advocated the humanistic side of dance culture, mentioning the meditative potential of electronic music and their interest in the physicality of music making, such as live instrumentation and improvisation. Live performances steadily flared up in various types of venues, mostly outside of the DIY spaces the duo got their start: the traditional club, the art museum, the open air festival, and some of the best sound systems throughout Europe.

The evolution of sound systems on which Blondes played created a curve along which Haar and Steinman learned to build a universally impactful sonic experience. After rehauling their gear and settling into a new studio space, Blondes’ busy year ended in an intensely focused production period during which Haar and Steinman sculpted the boldly detailed Swisher.






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