Grant - The Acrobat LP

Release Date: 21st September 2015
Label: The Lauren Bacall

Out from deep within the shadows, Grant steps out with his debut album on the enigmatic Lauren Bacall, ‘The Acrobat’. Lush atmospherics lift up each of the high-flying tracks on the album, crafting a sense of euphoria and ease that is reminiscent of such deep house from late 90’s early 2000 inspired by labels such as early Plastic City, Deep4Life, and Svek.

The opening track, “Charade”, leads the listener in gently with its bouncing bass line and subdued hi-hat shuffle, as “Awful Truth” builds the momentum further with it’s swirling pads and nostalgic keys, before “Cash and Cary” thrusts things into gear with it’s bone-rattling double bass and call-to-arms vocal sample. “Orry”, sounding like a beefed-up Herbert cut from ‘100 LBs’, carries the momentum with growling pads, swirling drums and a keen knowledge of the effective use of the breakdown showing that Grant employs a great breadth of experience and knowledge that one can’t just pick up. “Hughenden Road” maintains the energy with a flurry of toms, before the dubbed out, Maurizio-like “Eldorado Biarritz” brings you in for a soft-landing. “Rio Rita” carries the listener out with its blissed-out, sun-kissed, early morning march, leaving them yearning for just one more performance from their charismatic entertainer.

Tracklist A1- Charade A2- Awful Truth B1- Cash and Cary B2- Doris Day C1- Orry C2- Hughenden Road D1- Eldorado Biarritz D2- Rio Rita






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