Treat Me Right

Release date: February 18 2013

February 2013 sees the release of ‘Treat Me Right’, a new album from Trus’me. Its his first album in 3 years and to a certain extent marks a change in direction from the predecessors, ‘Working Nights’ & ‘In The Red’. ‘Treat Me Right’ follows an esteemed remix series of Trus’me classic tracks with treatments from Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann, Terrence Dixon, DVS1, Ryan Elliott & Vakula all released on Prime Numbers this year.

Here’s what the man himself has to say as way of an introduction to the new album.

“Since ‘In The Red’ I found myself traveling as far as Japan and South America and experiencing new scenes and people that has influenced my sound both in the studio and behind the decks. Reaching 30 changes your perspective on life, so when visiting these strange but intriguing countries I have taken the time to stay for a while and take it all in. Airport-Hotel-Club and sometimes straight to the Airport can take its toll on you. Travelling so much has forced me to change my way of making music, I would say now I have a more ‘anoligital’ approach to my production techniques. The final production stage will always remain an analogue process but the creative process has taken a more digital process. You can’t take all them lovely synths and machines on the road with you. The Laptop is always there where inspiration hits you whether it be on the plane or hours after you’re finished in a club.

With ‘Working Nights’ I wanted to create a cohesive hour of music from start to finish, whereas ‘In The Red’ was a way to push myself and learn new engineering and production techniques, working with live musicians such as Amp Fiddler and Dam Funk. ‘Treat Me Right’ saw me move into the realm of synths, drum machines to create the sounds of the scene I had been submerged in over the last 4-5 years. Working on new music while on the road is hard, and fragmented sessions all came together once I was stationary in Manchester. The weather surely helps this, ha ha it’s much easier to be influenced and complete an idea when the sun is not shining outside. I stayed away from the impulse of my love of sampling and musicianship and trapped myself in a room, so that the final outcome would be a true representation on the sound they call analogue.”






Developer notes.

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