You Can Always Leave

Release date: November 18 2013

The first and only single from Francis Harris sophomore album “Minutes of Sleep” takes a page from his cult hit “lostfound” with “You Can Always Leave” featuring vocals once again from Danish vocalist Gry Bagøien and the heartbreakingly august trumpet of Greg Paulus of No Regular Play.

A2 finds one of Harris’ most accomplished pieces to date. Radiofreeze, featuring keys of NY studio player Brendan Golle and cello from Emil Abramyan, charting new territory with a distinct nod to 70’s no wave and an incredibly powerful progression of filtered drum machine hits melancholic hooks climaxing into an emotional apex of sound.

Rounding off the EP last but certainly not least, Scissor & Thread employs the remix work of Terre Thaemlitz under his guise Dj Sprinkles for his remarkable rework of the title track. Spanning over 12 minutes, “You can always Leave (Curtains) remix by Sprinkles is a prodigious exploration to say the least sure to have cult status amongst vinyl collectors.


Francis Harris




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